Stories and history of Wood on Water

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“This work originated in Asia in the mid 2000s on the banks of the Chao Phraya river in Thailand, while I was gathering images of the five universal natural elements -Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water- a theme that has been recurrent in my work for 20 years. An encounter made by chance in the kingdom of Siam subsequently led me to Burgundy, on the banks of the river Yonne, at the border between the “départements” of Nièvre and Yonne. I did not imagine then they would be the scenery of lovely and amazing stories about Wood and Water.

First and last in the Five Elements Framework in cosmogony, Wood and Water are the elements illustrated in this edition through original photographs taken as the four seasons went by. Be they abstract or figurative, historical, scientific or traditional, these visual stories emphasize the peculiarities and beauty of these elements in all their shapes. This photographic journey with two calls invites you to travel “à la française” (portrait format) and “à l’italienne” (landscape format). You thus sail on the Nivernais Canal as well as on any other element epitomizing Water, from the calmest to the most whirling waters, from streams to rivers, through lakes and ponds. The history of timber floating depicted in this work is definitely the most captivating story in Stories and history of Wood on Water. Immersed in this wonderland in the heart of the Movan forests, you may come across strange creatures from fairy tales. Daydreaming or lost in contemplation, you may become the witnesses of the magical sights hidden in the Nature of this region. Natural and archaeological sites, literary lands and vineyards also depict Wood and Water, and striking historical and cultural events can be found in local legends or literary excerpts. In this edition, the aim of the photographs – taken in he northwest of the river Yonne, in the south-eastern part of the Movan Nature Park – is not to provide a comprehensive view of the natural, historical and tourist heritage of this region, but rather to invite you to a poetical and often dreamlike journey to discover all the wonders hidden in Burgundy”.

Claire Xuan

Claire Xuan. Stories and history of Wood on Water. Éléments d’édition. 2015. 132p. 39,90 €