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Created in Singapore, this portfolio is the seventh in “the Five Elements Collection”. Black and white photographs – more particularly regarding plant and aquatic life – distinguish it from the artist’s previous works.

Wood is epitomized by the jungle rising in the heart of the city, a unique view except for Rio in Brazil.

The junks with their dazzling Chinese lanterns and the water lilies of the famous botanical garden symbolize Water. Metal is represented by the numerous bridges on the river running through the business centre located only a few miles away from the jungle. Finally, Earth materializes through a carved “plant stone” in one of the luxuriant parks.

The design of the parchments was inspired by the mythical symbol of Singapore, “The Merlion”, and the different languages spoken there – Chinese, Tamil, Malay and English – are represented.

35x45cm portfolio. 28x38cm plate. Edition limited to 999 examples.

Claire Xuan. Singapore. Éléments d’édition. 2006. 280 € tax inclusive. VAT: 5.5%.

Small presentation display box and large portfolio plate are available on request