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This portfolio of original photographic prints is the fourth work in the “Five Elements” collection.

The photographs, taken in different parts of Madagascar, evoke the themes of Wood, Earth and Water, the three representative elements of “The Big Island”.

The baobabs of Morondava and the primary Forest of Nosy Mangabe embody the Wood. The rice-paddies around Antanarivo and the Highlands symbolize the Earth. The creek of Evatroa in Fort-Dauphin and the rivers of the south illustrate Water.

These original photographs are reproduced using a four-color printing process on a single color press on – Lana Royal – 250g 100% cotton made paper. Particular attention is paid to the drying process between each individual color. The box set is made entirely by hand.

The first page is a sheet of “Antaimoro” paper. This particular paper is produced using the bark of the “ahova”, a type of Mulberry tree, which is boiled, sorted and crushed. The pulp obtained is diluted in water and dried in the sun on cotton sieve.

35x45cm portfolio. 28x38cm plate. Edition limited to 999 examples.

Claire Xuan. Madagascar. Éléments d’édition. 2006. 320 € tax inclusive. VAT: 5.5%.

Small presentation display box and large portfolio plate are available on request.