A trip through Paris

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This second portfolio in “the Five Elements Collection” gathers original photographs taken by Claire Xuan in relation to Water and Air in Paris.

The River Seine – highly symbolic of the capital with the bridges crossing it alongside the embankments – epitomizes Water. The fountains and the reflections of the city in the rain are other symbols of this element recurrent throughout the artist’s work.

Air materializes through the skies, clouds and reflections of Paris monuments.

The five photographs have been reproduced using a four-colour printing process – at 175 lpi – on single colour presses, and 270 g art paper entirely made of cotton – “Les Naturels” paper (The Natural).

The pages and texts have been printed on 90 g “cloudy parchment” – “Parchemin nuageux”.

Particular attention has been paid to the drying process between each individual colour.

The boxes have been made with the utmost care and fashioning and bounding have been handmade by the artist.

35x45cm portfolio. 28x38cm plate. Edition limited to 999 examples.

Claire Xuan.  A trip through Paris. Éléments d’édition. 2006. 280 € tax inclusive. VAT: 5.5%.

Small presentation display box and large portfolio plate are available on request.